Best Valentine Gift eveeeeeer

In the living room, sitting on our couch and sipping our coffee we were watching the sun setting in the sky leaving those beautiful hues of reds and oranges.When you are happy from within everything looks beautiful, no doubt. I just put my head on his shoulder and said,"our love makes me feel like I... Continue Reading →

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Talk And Connect With Him: Don’t Bottle Things Up !!!

Initially, if ever I used to get upset, angry or sad, I kept mum and chose not to express it to Mr. Husband. Thinking that I might push him away. We all had been there, right! Somewhere in our heart we lock it and take it even more seriously than our vows that as a... Continue Reading →

My Takeaways from The Royal Wedding …

The palace has released the stunning official pictures from the royal wedding of  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the ceremony was breathtaking. I didn't have any such great interest in the royal wedding but you all will agree that this one was remarkably different from any of those that have happened in the past. Because... Continue Reading →

The Only Magic I believe in is LOVE …

Don't let them tell you LOVE is just an ordinary thing. Love is for believers not for those who whine and whinge. Just keep holding on however tough and quixotic it may seem. Magic around you will unfold! ethereal, exalted and the greatest one you've ever seen.  

Mother’s Healing Hugs …

Amie stepped out of the taxi and ran through the whole courtyard like a young little girl with a backpack on, to her dad and hugged him tight with all the energy she had. Her mother sniggered,"Ahem! ahem! I think someone is forgetting that she is  here to meet mamma to celebrate mother's day." They... Continue Reading →

Speak Less Listen More …

For the growth and learning, it's crucial to come out of the delusory state of 'I Know-It-All'. We show much more interest in showcasing our knowledge and our ability to speak. Because of this, we often talk down to someone who knows better than us in any particular area. We need to evaluate our conversations,... Continue Reading →

An Everlasting love Affair …

Sitting on a park bench, he slowly moved his hand to grab hers, worrying that she might pull her hand back. Hands touched and they looked at each other. They were lost in the moment of that magical love lingering within them. They were brought back to the reality when a little boy came running... Continue Reading →

Love Is Not Easy But Worth It …

Love, in reality, is not like a perfect fairy tale but like life, it's a roller-coaster ride. Some days we are deeply in love and on other days we can't even stand each other and regret why we are we even together. A few days back Mr Husband said something which I thought was insensitive... Continue Reading →

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